DBexport V4.1 create view problem

DBexport V4.1 create view problem

Post by John Campbe » Sat, 11 Feb 1995 04:52:40

Hello World

We are currently upgrading our from V4.1 to V5.03.  My problem occurs when
do a dbexport it places a line feed right in the middle of the create view
statement.  If we only had one database and one view this would not be a
concern.  However we have 50 databases on 15 different machines with
multiple views and this minor bug is making automating the process very

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Campbell


1. Serious error in dbexport V4.10.UC3

Hello Informix community,

I've found a serious error in the dbexport V4.10.UC3 utility. We've set the
ulimit to 16 MB. If you export a table with more than 16 MB, dbexport do not
give an error message and the last records are not exported. What is INFORMIX
doing here? Do they not check, if a write to the device fail?

My configuration
INFORMIX-Online 4.10.UC3 on a Motorola 8220 with SYS V/88 R32V3.



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