UK Informix User Group Conference - Last chance to book

UK Informix User Group Conference - Last chance to book

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The 8th INFUSE Conference
Commonwealth Institute, London
Wednesday 15th May 1996

09.00   Registration and coffee

09.45   Welcome and introduction
Jerry Nichols, Logica UK and INFUSE Chairman

10.00   Is Client/Server Dead ?
 Presentation and Discussion featuring:
Mike Evans, European Marketing Manager, Informix Software
Jonathan Steel, Director Technology Investment Strategies, I.D.C.
Martyn Lambert, Marketing Director, Sun Microsystems
Mark Hassall, Product Manager, Business Systems Division, Microsoft Ltd


 12.45    LUNCH


 13.45    Breakout Groups in three parallel streams and two sessions

Session 1 -
Managing Client/Server Systems Effectively
Everett Vass , Director European Partner Sales, Tivoli Systems Software

 Session 2 -
 Delivering Data Warehouses
David Armitage, Business Development Manager, Next PLC

Session 1 -
Component-based Development

 Session 2 -
 A preview of NewEra Version 3.0
Ian Meakin, Product Marketing Manager, Informix Software

Session 1 -
Understanding Illustra

Session 2 -
A Demonstration of Workgroup Server
Terry Lawlor, Product Marketing Manager, Informix Software

15.45    Final Discussion Session

16.00    Tea and a final opportunity to visit the exhibition.

See also or contact INFUSE on 0181 421 3533


1. LAST CHANCE: March 8th IBM INFORMIX User Group

LIMITED SPACE is available for the next meeting of the New York Metro-Area
Regional Informix Users' Group (NYMARIUG)!

It will be held at the IBM Building in Midtown, New York City (57th &
Madison) from 9am-1pm.

The information in this meeting will be NEW, UPDATED and AVAILABLE ONLY to
the local and national Informix User Groups...We invite you to share with
fellow Informix Enthusiasts in our area!  This is your chance to meet and
exchange ideas, find out more about the architectural differences between
IDS and DB2; what new releases will be available and how that effects you,
as well as some licensing and maintenance updates that effect everyone who
uses IBM Informix Software.

The planned agenda includes:

Paul Brown, Senior Architect and the "Plumber" of the Informix Database
Servers - Paul is at the epicenter of the DB2/IDS integration, and will
offer an in-depth (no hold barred) discussion of what's going on in there!

Glen Mules, our top educational instructor, will discuss some thoughts
around Performance Tuning, Extensibility, and new features in IDS

Dawn Shannon, IIUG Program Manager, will discuss plans for IIC 2002 (in CA)
and Forum 2002 (in DC), as well as an overview of the IIUG


feedback on any BREAKOUT SESSION that interests you - the content of the
meeting will be fresh, new material based on what you, as an attendee are
most interested in!


The Users' Group meeting is time well spent for any Informix Database
professional...  This is your chance to get the latest information on the
IBM Informix product suite!  IBM Management will confirm that the products
ARE available, will continue into the foreseeable future, and detail some of
the enhancements to support and functionality...  "A VERY VALUABLE MORNING",
according to an IT Manager who attended the last meeting in November.

For additional information, contact:

Steve Berg, User Leader for the New York Metro-Area Regional Informix Users'

Michael Hiskey, Liaison to the NYMARIUG

Phone: 212-745-4379

Steve Gellis, Technical Liaison to the NYMARIUG

NYMARIUG: Great group, bad acronym.

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