Porting Informix ESQL/C Code from SCO UNIX TO NT

Porting Informix ESQL/C Code from SCO UNIX TO NT

Post by Payam Shahid » Sat, 09 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am currently working on a project to port a database application
(Informix ESQL/C code) from SCO UNIX Platform to NT. I was told by stripping
the UNIX dependencies (GUI and some system calls) off of the ESQL code I can
basically re-compile under NT, and porting is fairly painless (!!!).
Considering I am still in learning phase with NT, I was just wondering if
anybody out there tried this before and can drop me some lines (tips)
maybe suggest some books/documentations/etc. or any source of information which
could ease the porting task.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Payam Shahidi


1. Porting Informix ESQL/C Code from SCO UNIX to NT

Is there anybody out there tried this port (from sco unix to NT), I was
told Informix ESQL/C Code (under SCO UNIX) can be easily recompiled under NT!!
I appreciate any tips or source of info. on this topic
please drop me an e-mail at :

Payam Shahidi

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