Fourgen : Sco Unix vs Unixware

Fourgen : Sco Unix vs Unixware

Post by Mark Tyre » Sun, 13 Aug 1995 04:00:00

   I am looking at changing from SCO Unix 3.2.4 to Unixware and
would like to find out about any problems that I may incur with my
Fourgen case tools.  If anyone has any advice in this reguard I would
like to hear about it.

     Mark Tyrer - South Africa


1. Fourgen on Sco vs Unixware

   I am running sco 3.4.2 on an intel platform and would like to
change to Unixware.  My local informix agents say that I should
not have a problem.  I am concerned that the fourgen case tools
would cause problems.  I would appreciate an advice or comments on
this subject. (Local Fourgen agents are hopeless).

                   Mark Tyrer - South Africa.

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