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3,118.2 Transactions Per Minute is
Highest TPC-C Result Ever Achieved
on Open or Proprietary SMP System

MENLO PARK, Calif. (Dec. 6, 1994) -- Informix Software Inc. (NASDAQ:IFMX),
the leader in parallel processing database technology, today announced
record-breaking TPC-C benchmark results for INFORMIX(R)-OnLine Dynamic
Server(TM) version 7.1, the newest version of its multithreaded, parallel
processing database server.  

OnLine Dynamic Server achieved a transaction rate of  3,118.2 tpmC on an
8-processor HP 9000 Model T500 with a price/performance rating of
$984/tpmC.  The result is the highest ever achieved on a symmetric
multiprocessing (SMP) server.  The next-highest result, which was
performed on a proprietary system, is 30 percent per tpmC more costly than
OnLine Dynamic Server.

This is the first time OnLine Dynamic Server 7.1 has been used in a TPC
test. Informix leads the industry in TPC-C benchmark results with 21
published to date using INFORMIX-OnLine 5.x, the company's
high-performance, OLTP database server.  Informix also holds the second-
third-, and fourth-place positions in terms of performance on UNIX SMP
servers with OnLine 5.x. This newest performance result with OnLine
Dynamic Server version 7.1, is more than two times faster than the best
TPC-C result of the nearest non-Informix UNIX database.        

"We agree with our competitors that TPC-C benchmarks are a valid measure
of database performance and scalability, and we urge organizations
concerned about  database scalability to seriously review the TPC-C
results of competing database vendors," said Phil White, chairman and CEO,
Informix. "Informix is the only open systems database vendor that has
demonstrated scalability for enterprise-class performance at the high-end.
Our leadership with TPC benchmarks -- particularly TPC-Cs --coupled with
this record-breaking benchmark result for version 7.1, confirm that
Informix is the database performance leader for enterprisewide computing,
and establish OnLine Dynamic Server's core technology, Dynamic Scalable
Architecture(TM) (DSA), as the industry's best."

"HP is pleased to work with industry-leading database vendors, like
Informix, to provide customers with superior performance as they move to
open enterprise computing," said Carol G. Mills, general manager of HP's
General Systems Division.  "With this outstanding TPC-C result, HP's
high-end server offers proven performance scalability to meet our
customers' data-center needs today.  In addition, HP's Corporate Business
Server provides the foundation for additional performance scalability to
meet tomorrow's growing needs."

The TPC-C benchmark test, developed in 1992 by the Transaction Processing
Performance Council  (TPC),  is considered to be the best standard
benchmark test for evaluating real-world application performance.

OnLine Dynamic Server and Customer Benchmarks

OnLine Dynamic Server's ability to successfully scale and demonstrate
dramatic performance increases over rival database servers has also been
illustrated through customer benchmarks.  Informix has won more than a
dozen large-scale customer benchmark tests with OnLine Dynamic Server
version 7.1. Customers such as Holiday Inn, Home Depot, MCI, Transamerica
Financial Corp., and Wells Fargo have tested  OnLine Dynamic Server and
have chosen it to run a variety of enterprisewide applications because of
its superior scalability and performance.

OnLine Dynamic Server version 7.1 is a powerful multithreaded database
server designed to exploit the capabilities of both SMP and uniprocessor
architectures to deliver breakthrough database scalability, manageability
and performance.  OnLine Dynamic Server provides the most effective
parallel database technology available to help organizations manage
increasingly larger, more complex database while substantially improving
overall system performance and scalability.  

The HP 9000 Model T500 is based on HP's industry-leading HP-UX operating
system and PA-RISC processor technology.  The eight-processor Model T500
is ideal as a mainframe-alternative enterprise server and continues a
trend that has established HP as the industry pacesetter for commercial
UNIX computing with the flexibility for client/server environments.  As
the leading provider of UNIX system-based servers in the industry, HP
offers its customers outstanding performance and scalability with
comprehensive, standard network-management tools.

 About Informix

Informix Software is the leading supplier of high performance, parallel
processing database technology for open systems.  The company's database
servers are the number one choice of computer hardware manufacturers for
publishing Transaction Processing Council (TPC) benchmarks for UNIX-based
systems.  Informix products also include application development tools for
creating client/server production applications, decision support systems
and ad-hoc query interfaces, and connectivity software that allows
information to be shared transparently from PCs to mainframes within the
corporate computing environment. The company's corporate headquarters is
in Menlo Park, California.

INFORMIX is a registered trademark, and Dynamic Scalable Architecture and
OnLine Dynamic Server are trademarks of Informix Software, Inc.  

UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries,
licensed exclusively by X/Open (TM) Company Limited.

HP-UX is based on and is compatible with USL's UNIX(R) operating system.
It also complies with X/Open's XPG4, POSIX 1003.1, 1003.2, 1003.2a; FIPS
151-1 and SVID2 interface specifications.

PA-RISC stands for Precision Architecture reduced-instruction set-computing.

All other companies mentioned or other names indicated by (R) or (TM) are
registered trademarks their respective manufacturer.

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