Indexing a Temporary Table...

Indexing a Temporary Table...

Post by Stephen Ber » Sat, 23 Jan 1999 04:00:00

We treat temp tables just like real ones.  Create it, load it, index it.
Then update stats including building distributions.  This seems to work
the best.  If you fill and then index a temp table (or real one) the
engine knows about the index, but doesn't it think the table is still empty.
(nrows in systables)?  

Steve Berg

> > Aha! I just ran into this today. I created an index on a temp table
> > filled up the table, then indexed it (or maybe it was indexing and
> > filling, oops), and had a select something like:

> > select * from tmp_tbl
> > where rowid<>?
> > and indexed_field matches ?  <-(cursor opened with something like
> > and indexed_field not matches "*00"
> > and some_other_field matches ?

> > which the optimizer saw fit to do a sequential scan on the table until
> > I did an 'update statistics' on the temp table,  then it did use the

> If you index and then fill, the statistics definitely do not get
> updated.  But if you fill and then index, the statistics should be

as soon

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> as the index is built.

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1. Using Index on Temporary Table

Preecha ,

I dont know where the rest of this thread is but I am guessing that your
temp tables either dont exist or are empty when your stored procedure is
created.  If this is so then the reason why the indexes are not used is
because the execution plan is worked out when the procedure is created and
so no indexes or data exists.  If you are creating the index inside of the
procedure aswell SQL is just not clever enough to work out that it can use
that one UNLESS  you place the select statement inside of an exec("")
statement.  This will cause it to be evaluated at actual run-time meaning
you loose some of the performance from the procedure BUT it will see the
indexes then.

I hope this was of use to you.

Steve Robinson

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