Executive level DBA needed

Executive level DBA needed

Post by APPLIED DATA SYSTE » Tue, 23 May 1995 04:00:00

Applied Data Systems is a St. Louis based search firm specializing
in the placement of both PERMANENT and CONTRACT data processing
personnel. ADS provides quality solutions and personnel to the
computerization needs of business throughout the south and
midwestern US.

A client of Applied Data Systems is in need of one high level ORACLE
Database Administrator. Requirements are roughly as follows:

 -DBA experience with large ORACLE database(s)
 -Strong knowledge of all performance tuning issues
 -10+ years of industry experience
 -Strong, proven business analysis and system design experience.

is between 70-90K for a permanent employee. If you're available on a
contract or contractor-for-hire basis, ADS is willing to pay up to
$70 hourly for the right person. If your experience and interest fit,
please contact me at your convenience. Thank you.

        | APPLIED DATA SYSTEMS, Inc.            Tel: 314-928-1149
        | 3910 Old Hwy 94S, #100                     800-300-1149
        | St. Charles, MO  63304                Fax: 314-928-1108

BTW - Yes, this is a "for profit" post. For those of you that are not
      interested or are unavailable right now, there are referral $$
      available. If you're completely disinterested, I apologize for
      using your time and bandwidth. Thanks again.  -Mark-


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