New utility in IIUG archives: pgdump

New utility in IIUG archives: pgdump

Post by Jacob Salomo » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi family.

I recently submitted a new utility to the IIUG archives. It is called
pgdump and can be downloaded from:

Its purpose is to dump pages from an OnLine system.  If you are curious
or have a need for it, have a look and download it.  [I think] it was
stored as a compressed SHAR file.

I will be intermittently working on the features I describe in the file
"TODO" (which comes with the source). If you come up with another
feature, drop me a line and post it on C.D.I.

Kudos to Jonathan and Art who answered some down & dirty questions I had
while playing with ideas.
   -- Jake (Retrospectively realizes there is no future in hindsight)
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1. New Utility in IIUG - UNL-file beautifier

Hi family. (Yes, I know I should write more often ;-)

Ever have to actually *look* and data you (or someone you love) have
just unloaded from a query? Ever try to chase down the value of a single
column? Must have been fun chasing the zigzagging column all over the
paper!  Don't you wish the UNL could display straight columns? (To tell
the truth, I get this need about once in a blue moon, but why roin te
sales pitch? ;-)

Well wish no more!  I recently submitted a shell/awk script called
beautify_unl to the IIUG software archives. Have a look at:
where it is short enough to simply select it all and past into a flat
file on your Unix box. Or download from:

What does it do?  Well, it spits back out the UNL file but in neat
straight columns.  (No unloaded blobs, please.)

Nothing will take the tedium out of poring over data dumps. This just
makes it easier.
   -- Jake (Capable of distinguishing his gluteus maximus
            from his proximal radioulnar articulation)
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