Request: Informix CASE tool info

Request: Informix CASE tool info

Post by Todd A Bernhar » Thu, 08 Jul 1993 05:42:12


The 4gl development group of which I am a part is considering moving to a
CASE tool.  Is anyone using Informix's CASE tool?  Other CASE tools?  I'm
new to CASE and don't really know what specific questions to ask just yet
but the type of questions I am interested in are along the lines of: what
do you like about the tool?  what are its strengths? weaknesses?  what do
you use it for? (full life-cycle, Entity Relationship modeling only, etc).

Any information you could pass on that would help me would be most
appreciated.  Much thanks in advance!



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1. Request for information on CASE tools.

We are look at getting a CASE tool from CSA called POSE for use in a
number of class and are looking for information from those of you that
have used or evaluated it.  If you know of a better package that fits
are needs and is in our price range ( under 2000 ) let us know.
Thanks for all info.

The reasons for look at this package are:
1. It has data modeling tools and process model tools.
2. It has a price we can afford $885 for each of the two tool kits.
3. It runs on IBM PC which we have enough to have proper acess to.

The classes we plan to use the Data Modeling Tool Kit in are:
Intro To Data Base Systems
Advance Data Base
Systems Analysis and Design
Advanced Projects

The classes we plan to use the Process Modeling Tool Kit in are:
Computer Sciences I
Computer Sciences II
Data Structures and Algorithms
Systems Analysis and Design
Advanced Projects

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