Looking for info on an on-line database

Looking for info on an on-line database

Post by Javier E. Benaven » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 00:42:25

We are in the process of designing a database system with the following

1. A central server will contain the database records numbering upto
500,000. The records will contain personal information (text only)
indexed by say Soc. Sec. Number.

2. Data entry  will be through PCs connected to the server over a LAN.

3. Data access will be through PCs connected through a modem. We expect
about 1000 accesses per day with upto 50 concurrent accesses.

We are looking for some information on hardware reqmts. for the server,
database software with such access capabilities, as well as ideas for the
data access software (i.e. dial-up, login, access, security and disconnect),
also redundancy and fault tolerance for the server.

Thanks in advance.


1. Looking for online source for TIGER/Line database

Does anyone out there know if there are any online sources (ie: ftp,
mail, etc) for the Census Bureau/Data User Services Division's
TIGER/Line database? I was wondering if it was possible to access
these files without having to order the 9-track tapes directly from
the Bureau. I only need to access very limited sections of the
database, and therefore won't be needing the full extracts on tape.

Actually, other online sources of USGS or other
geological/cartographical database information would be handy as well.


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