Largest DB Size in Production Usage

Largest DB Size in Production Usage

Post by mrichar.. » Thu, 06 May 1993 12:43:03

Hello to all,

WHO has the biggest baddest database out there in net-land?????

I'm currently involved in a project which may need to manage 100GB of data in
the next year or so.  I am unaware of any Unix-based site with a single DB
approaching this magnitude.  If anyone out there has 20GB or more (DB size,
not data size) in a production environment, could you please reply?  I'll
summarize for the net, so please indicate whether this is fine, or if you
would rather just correspond for info sharing purposes.

I realize that we may find all sorts of creative ways of partitioning the
data into multiple sites and/or DBs, but I'd like to know the tested limits
and issues within the context of a single DB for now.

Marv Richardson
SHL Systemhouse Inc.


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Is there anyone out there that has implemented a Sybase/Oracle table within a
database instance that is greater than 1 million rows? How large was it
and what platform were you using?

I have been told by knowledgable DBAs that both Oracle and Sybase performance
goes down the toilet after about 1 million rows due to the index
mechanism. This may apply to insert, delete, update and/or read.

Has anyone done benchmarks to this effect, i.e. response time for each
type of operation vs. size vs. number of database clients?

Robert Lesieur
Southwestern Bell

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