onbar backup with 7.31

onbar backup with 7.31

Post by Kate_Tomc.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I ran into problems with the 7.31 version of Informix doing onbar backups with
ADSM Version 3.1.7

I am getting the following error on the command line when running: onbar -b -w
-L 0
                   The error that is returned at the prompt is:
                        "Calling Program build date: Apr 30 1999 11:40:13
                         TCA Build Date: May 4 1999 10:23:04
                         Error: Calling program and dsmtca are not compatible"

Has anyone seen this error before, and is there a work around?


1. IDS 7.31 for WINT40 onbar backup continous logicl logs don't work

we have the problem that the cont. backup of th logicl logs don't work.
only in the dos-windows the command onbar -l -C work, but when we close
the window the backup stop.
we change in the onconfig-file log_backup_mode to CONT but nothing
happen (we restart the inf-server). no error no backup? have anyone an


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