Maximum row width returned

Maximum row width returned

Post by Ian Tim » Sat, 02 Jul 1994 15:43:05

(I may have posted this already but just in case.<G>)

Could anyone tell me what the maximum size of the row returned
in an SQL SELECT result is permitted to be under Informix SE 5.0
We are currently using 4GL RDS 4.1 with this but would also like
details for I-Net & ODBC if they differ.

If this is documented somewhere (I have looked but can't find this)
then please point me to the appropriate spot.

Any help much appreciated.

Cheers, Ian.

PS. The answer to this may yet prompt a change from Ingres to Informix
for some applications. (added incentive<G>)
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1. Maximum Width property for rows.

Ok I know the Title isn't the most informative here is my problem.

I have a Query which will concat all of the fields in a row together and
seperate the by a delimiter.  I am then using ISQL to write this to a
results file for users to download.  this basically creates a delimited list
for import into excle access etc.  The problem I am having while doing this
unfortunately is that each line is being truncated at 255 characters.  now
in Query Analyzer you can set a property in the connection options on the
maximum width of the result set in charecters.  I would like to be able to
set this same property  in my exporting proc so I can make sure I have
enough room for the enitre results set.  I have set the -w in ISQL to 10000
but I still get truncated at 255 charecters so I am assuming that it has
some properties during the select that I need to change.

If any one knows how to change this setting on the fly in a stored procedure
please let me know.


I have included further information about the Query and its results as well


Here is my ISQL execution statement.

I am including an example of the Query  (not all of it as it is rather long
but enough for you to see what I am doing (I cut out a lot of the columns
being tacked on and complete other tables being selected as well)

SELECT 'Equipment Master'

   + (Case CalcType
    When 0 Then  'Date of Event'
    When 1 Then 'Current Due Date'

   + (Case ReminderPeriod
    When 0 Then  'Weekly'
    When 1 Then 'Monthly'

   + Cast(ReminderNumber as varchar(10))
  FROM tblEquipment

Here is an example delimited list  just one row

 9,C4F385B1-E9A0-48A6-AF8D-388370C34527,Asset-100,Updated Piece of
Equipment,Bin 5,,123456-A,Procedure  128A-4 Rev 1.4,Asset S120,Retired,This
equipment is used for test purposes.,DD,30,Date of

Mo should read Monthly (corresponds to ReminderPeriod In the Select so as
you can see it isn't even getting to the last field)

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