Top Databases Used

Top Databases Used

Post by Carlos Benjami » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

>I'm all for ending the nastiness too.  Even if it is all in fun, bashing is
>never nice.
>Once I do actually begin to understand a little more about Informix, I'll
>maybe I'll show my face again with "hey, this is cool about Informix" and
>"Wish Informix could do this as well as Oracle comments" (which I expect to
>get trashed on :-)).

I doubt seriously you'd be trashed for such a comment (well, maybe you and DNP would). That sort of stuff is posted here from time to time and it usually gets a polite how to or a correction of the misperception that prompted the comment in the first place.


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1. Top Databases Used

To All DB Gurus,

Please help.  What are the top 10 databases used by users?

I have a project to determine the best database to buy for my company.



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Before you buy.

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