@@ Information Auction - Sell What You Know -Buy What You Dont @@

@@ Information Auction - Sell What You Know -Buy What You Dont @@

Post by Tim Hueneman » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

If you're going to push that, I'm going to push infomarco.com.  Maybe we
can load it up with Informix Y2K compliance questions ;-)

> Hi All,
> Check this site out - http://www.KnowToday.com

> I recently registered on an interesting new site called - KnowToday.com that allows its members to buy and sell information! They are currently recruiting new members and will launch the site in several months. For
> a limited time, they are offering an incentive plan, where they pay you
> for successful referrals.

> It sounds really interesting. You can go on their site and ask detailed questions or make money by answering questions. They are designing
> the site with many different categories, so almost anyone will be able to ask and answer questions. Also, you can make money if any of your referrals use the site.

> It only takes a minute to join -  http://www.knowtoday.com/ -  they
> explain everything on the web site. It's totally free and you have no
> further obligations after registering

> Hope you like it!

> John
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1. The selling of downloads on auction sites!

Some time ago I posted a message asking about the legality of purchasing and or
selling the downloaded software on eBay. Most of the responses I received were
'sure its legal'.

Well here is the answer I received from Oracle and just thought I would share
it with everyone:


What the people are doing on EBay is illegal...whether or not the software
works is another story.  Our legal department is well aware as to what is going
on...the software for sale  or through OTN can be used only in a developmental
environment.  Any time that someone wants to sell a product or deploy it, they
will have to purchase a full license.
If you purchase a CD from the Oracle Store or through our Technology Track
program, you will get a full guarantee of product.


Thanks for reading my message,

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