"Unknown error message number "16118"

"Unknown error message number "16118"

Post by Art S. Kage » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

> >I encountered a serious problem when I trying to bcheck the database.
> >The error message is "Unknown error message number "16118". I searched high &

> low on the net for a solution so when I found it I thought I'd post the
> answer for the other poor souls with the same error.The answer lies in the
> order in which software is installed on our Solaris 2.5.1 server. This error
> occured when we installed Informix SE before Informix SQL. It is imperative
> to install the SQL component first or bcheck will fail

Correct.  This is known in the Informix community as the "Rule of TEN".
Install Tools then Engines then Network products (I-Net/I-Star).  
Recognizing that older products (ie lower version numbers) must be
installed before newer ones.  This avoids all kinds of weird and
annoying problems that are so hard to track down that for a while, until
users began to become annoyed at that also, tech support almost always
asked for the order of installation of your products if they did not
immediately recognize the problem.

Art S. Kagel