Entity Relationship Diagrammer

Entity Relationship Diagrammer

Post by Thomas Steve » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 12:32:42

>Is anyone using a 'good' entity relationship diagrammer?

>We have to reverse engineer 'table' relationship's.
>Then go forward with the 'diagrammer'.

>Thanks in advance.....   John E. Weimer (615)870-8464

>We are using SCO Unix Informix SE. Could also use a PC
>Package if necessary.

I have found ERWin/ERX (from LogicWorks) to be adequate.  It has a neat
reverse-engineering feature that works quite well (if your schema
include primary and foreign key declarations) to generate IDEF1X
editable diagrams.  Handles Informix, Oracle, SyBase, SQLServer, others
I can't remeber right now.  Runs under MS Windows.  

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Be careful with ERwin/ERX.  We have been using it for diagramming the changes
that the programmers have been making to the database.  If they add/delete a FK,
the import will not pick it up.  In other words, existing diagrams will not
reflect relationship changes between tables.  Logicworks confirms this.  So, I
am going to be looking at S-Designer, based on a couple of earlier messages, to
see if it will pick up relationship (?) changes from the database and propagate
them to the model.

Version info: ERwin/ERX for Powerbuilder v2.0;  Informix 6.0.

Don Boothby              (317)232-4602

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