Single User License Limit "exceeded"

Single User License Limit "exceeded"

Post by John Musselm » Fri, 05 Aug 1994 03:16:55

Platform: HP-9000 E35 (HP/UX 9.04)

Informix Versions: Informix SE 5.02.UC1
                   Informix R4GL/RDS 4.11.UC3

I have the above mentioned system configuration. I have a single user
license. The problem I have is... I changed the name of a login user who
did ALL the informix development for our company. Now, when attempting to
compile CERTAIN modules, I get the error message that the "Single user
license has been exceeded.". However, when I change the user name BACK to
what it was, it is fine. This user is NOT logged in and is NOT using the
Informix products. Is this a bug? Is there a file or something that
stores the active informix users at the time? This was I could simply
change the name. It is annoying to have to keep the old user name,
because it is the only user name that can use the compiler.


1. License Limit? ("The maximum simultaneous user count of 10 licenses...has been exceeded")

We are running SS6.5, version 6.50.297.

This version number appears to be undocumented anywhere. Where can I find
out what it is?

We fear that we are running a developer version, and that it has a
hard-coded restriction to 10 licenses. We have increases the number of
licenses using the NT License Manager, but it is still stuck at 10 max.

Can anyone offer any help? Can we upgrade to a commercial version on top of
what we have? Or is there another way to get more licenses out of the
developer version?

Thanks in advance!



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