PRESS: Informix in the News

PRESS: Informix in the News

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Informix in the News

Informix in the News
"Oracle battles rival publicly"
The billboards along Highway 101 reflect the ongoing dispute between
Informix and Oracle.  In a statement released on Friday, Oracle stated that
Informix had downgraded its claims against 11 former Informix engineers who
now work for Oracle.  The suit charges that the former employees have
misappropriated trade secrets and breached their confidentiality agreements.
A hearing is scheduled for May 12 in Portland, Ore.
(3/22/97, pg. C1, Jodi Mardesich)

Additional coverage:
"Database rivals trade barbs"
(3/21/97, online, Tim Clark)

"Informix tones down suit against Oracle"
(3/21/97, online, Jeff Sweat)

"Informix drops some claims from lawsuits vs Oracle"
(3/21/97, online, staff writer)

"A dozen retailers select Informix"
Twelve major retailers have selected Informix as the database of choice.
"Clearly Informix's momentum in the retail industry is demonstrated by the
votes of confidence from these leading players, joining a long list of
established Informix users," said Nadja Ghausi, senior marketing manager of
retail industries.  Customers cited in the article include: Certified
Grocers of California, Circuit City, The Gap, H.E. Butt, Kinko's, Long's
Drug Stores, Neiman Marcus, Price Chopper, Randall's, Service Merchandise,
Wegman's Food Markets and Whole Foods Market.  
(3/97, pg. 16, staff writer)

"Informix gives Universal Server a lift"
With Oracle8 due to ship by midyear, Informix is aggressively adding new
hardware platform support to INFORMIX-Universal Server, which is currently
available on Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Silicon Graphics, Inc.  By June,
Informix plans to add support for Windows NT and four additional Unix
platforms, including Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM.  
(3/24/97, pg. 121, Craig Stedman)

"Informix dolls up data interface"
Informix has made an equity investment into the three-month-old company,
Perspecta, founded by veterans of MIT's Media Lab.  Perspecta will create
"visualization software" for viewing data stored in databases and Web sites.
The new technology will be incorporated into INFORMIX-Universal Server. "The
problem is with the amount of information that people have to deal with.
There is no context, no big picture," said David Clarke, director of product
marketing at Perspecta.  "We're working on products that give you the big
picture and show you how data is related."
(3/18/97, online, Mike Ricciuti)

"Informix server retired"
Informix plans to retire its Online Dynamic Server relational database in
the second half of the year after incorporating it into the upcoming Version
7.3 of its Universal Server.  The company tentatively plans to offer a
relational-only license for Universal Server to accommodate users who do not
need object functionality.
(3/24/97, pg. 47, staff writer)

"Data mining you can afford"
Data mining technology offers big payoffs for companies in highly
competitive industries by defining customer trends beyond what may be found
with conventional query tools.  MCI used a data mining solution, including
an Informix database, to discover new ways to sell its voice and data
solutions.  The article outlines a number of vendor solutions to meet the
growing data mining technology demand.  It notes two vendors, Angoss
International and NeoVista, who are building Informix DataBlades for data
(3/24/97, pg. 128, Lisa Nadile)

"Hewlett-Packard to ship its first cryptography-enabled smart cards"
Last week, Hewlett-Packard announced the availability of its first two
cryptography-enabled smart cards.  The ImagineCard Web for electronic
commerce and ImagineCard Corporate for intranets, are the first products
from a joint development effort between Gemplus, HP and Informix.  The
Smartcard solutions will be available in April 1.  
(3/17/97, pg. 14, Bill Roberts)

"Compaq, Informix set record for transactions on SAP R/3 sys"
Compaq Computer and Informix announced a record-setting performance for
processing sales and distribution transactions on SAP AG's R/3 system,
beating the previous record by 19 percent.  The record for 1,116 benchmark
users was achieved running INFORMIX-Online Dynamic Server 7.20 on a
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server.  
(3/14/97, online, staff writer)

Next month Informix will unveil new customer service programs for building
both data warehouse and data mart applications.  
(3/24/97, pg. 3, staff writer)


PRESS: Informix in the News

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Informix reports a bad Q1.