Online 5.10 and JDBC connectivity problems

Online 5.10 and JDBC connectivity problems

Post by Rich McKierna » Sat, 30 Jun 2001 00:37:15

My dilemma,  :I don't know which port to use in the URL for the
DriverManager.getConnection() call.

Can someone explain  how I would determine if the database Online 5 (AIX
4.3.3)  is properly setup to listen on a port for connections and if it
is how to determine the port number? Can I use netstat command to verify
the proper processes are running?

Any references to online docs would be very helpful. Thanks.

Thanks in advance.
Rich McKiernan


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A while back I asked about running D4GL with OnLine 5.10 and CSDK.  
Art and Jonathan pointed out that I-STAR would be needed with that
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But Jonathan also wrote that:

Has anyone succeeded with this technique?  Any ideas how I'd go about it?


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