New utility versions.

New utility versions.

Post by Art S. Kage » Thu, 02 Nov 2000 03:42:38

I have uploaded and Walt has installed new versions of my packages:
utils2_ak and myexport.  A description of the changes/additions follows:

Myexport (README.1st Dated October 17, 2000):

A bug in the -o option was repaired to work correctly with absolute or
relative paths.

Parallel export and import are now fully implemented with the new
(non-dbexport/dbimport compatible) flag -p.  Recognized by both myexport
and myimport.  Both wait for the background loads/extractions to complete.

New -e extention causes myimport to assume that the database already exists
and does not need to be recreated.  Great for updating an existing
development server.

-T <dbspace_file> extension to myimport takes a file containing dbspace name
pairs.  It causes all references to the first dbspace of each pair to be
remapped to the second dbspace in all ON ... clauses.  Perfect for porting
from a production server to a development server with different dbspaces or
for reorging or migrating a database to a new server with an 'improved'
layout.  Note that the mapping is done using sed and all mappings are
applied sequentially so the order of maps in the file will control the

Utils2_ak (README.1st Dated October 25, 2000):

Removed spurious timings for tables not updated when running updates for
stored procedures only.  Fixed dostats to ignore the renamed stored
procedure with an invalid name that is created when upgrading a 7.3 instance
to 9.2x.

Fixed the output of initial SERIAL column value and added a new option, -c,
which along with including or excluding the -a option gives on good control
over whether the current next value (from sysptnhdr.serialv) or the MAX(col)
value is used.  Added source protection to some more files to correct
compile problems on AIX.

Have fun Art S. Kagel


1. Check It Out: New versions of my utilities

Hello friends,

I just made available a major update of two of my
utilities: OSession and TabExp are booth available
in a Version 2.0.0 that uses my new low-level toolkit
and adds some nice features to the tools themselves.
If You never had a look at them, check out my web
page and download them and if You already use them,
update to the most current version to stay up-to-date.

Thank You to all of You that already registered my tools
and please send me an email if You want to receive the
most current version. I kind of messed up my address
book and am not absolutely sure if my current list is
really up-to-date. Sorry for any inconvenience.

And as always: Any feedback is really appreciated!

Best regards

Dieter Oberkofler


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