Distribution of Sybase Open/Client software

Distribution of Sybase Open/Client software

Post by Steven Jane » Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:00:00

We have a very distributed user community.In the past I have zipped the
runtime Sybase Open Client etc. software into a 3.5MB file on an archive
server and they FTPd it down to their PCs.

This worked fine for win 31 users. Now the users have win95, and the
install program updates the registry, so normally should go through the
proper setup program. However, to put the whole CD on the ftp server
takes around 50MB which is a lot to store, and worse, a lot to keep
sending over the network.

How are you handling distribution of your open client, wisql, server
manager etc. software? Physically sending the CD around, FTPing just the
runtime folders or what?

Steve Janes


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Hello Netfolks,

I have an Oracle Power Objects application on the Macintosh that connects
to Sybase SQL Server on Unix.  The application needs Open Client/DB-Lib
Runtime 10.0.3 or higher to connect.  Does anyone know where I can obtain
a single-user copy of this?  I called Sybase's sales reps and they said
that this package would cost about $800 ! Is this for real ?  Does anyone
know if Sybase or anyone else sells a single-user version of this thing at
a lower cost (say around $100 - $150 or so) ?  Any help would be


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