Hope beyond hope for info

Hope beyond hope for info

Post by Scott Dunb » Fri, 27 Oct 1995 04:00:00

        The company I work for is using a Mac based spreadsheet (Wingz) that currently talks
to an Informix dataserver.  We are using a product called Datalink that Informix stopped
supporting about 5 years ago (not a typo).
        We are thinking about switching database vendors (Sybase is in the running) and we're
looking for a possible short term band-aid to allow the legacy Wingz apps to talk to a Sybase
data server.

        Has anyone heard of such a product?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

scott dunbar


1. Hope eveyone is seated first...

OK, here it is, I have been developing in Access for many years now, since
it was first released in fact and I have only recently started using SQL
Server databases.

Until yesterday I have been creating the front end for my apps using an mdb
and have always wondered what the hell an ADP was, it was only yesterday
that I played with the upsize wizard and voila !!! I had my first adp,
always thought it was an additional app I had to buy.

So now can someone please explain to me what an adp is and confirm the
following suspicions.

Is access a front end app with an optional back end db product, if the
access backed is used then it's an mdb or is SQL Server is used then it's an
adp ?

Can all development be done via the adp ? tables, views, stored procs etc ?

When do I still have to revert to the EM or QA ? (Security maybe ?)

I have had a quick look at the web page functionality and it looks great, is
this a simple way of allowing access to my data via the internet ?



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