Open objects (server configuration parameter)

Open objects (server configuration parameter)

Post by Boris Makhli » Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Can somebody tell me what open objects configuration parameter is?
In documentation I read that it is maximum number of database objects
that can be open at one time. Default value: 500
Is it number of open tables or tables plus indexes plus users....?

What is open object? Is it object that is in use when any transaction is
going on? When transaction finished object it is not
open anymore?




I have a very small SQL SERVER 6.5 database
Total Number of Tables - 10
Total number of Stored Procedures - 3
Total number of users - 10.
I have set the open objects configuration parameter to 1000.
Every day 2 to 3 times , the following WARANIMG message is logged in the
SQL Server Log.
WARNING: OPEN_OBJECTS parameter may be too low.
attempt was made to free local descriptors()
run sp_configure.
But it does not affect the day-to-day operation.
But I am worried , why this warning message comes again and again?
It is very much unlikely that simultaneously 1000 objects are opened
at one time...
How to solve this problem?
Any help..

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