Positions Available

Positions Available

Post by Charles C. L » Wed, 03 Nov 1993 06:17:05

Sequent Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SQNT), based in Beaverton, Oregon,
is a leading provider of open systems solutions for commercial applications.
Sequent develops and markets scalable computing systems that support
enterprise-wide applications and information services.  Since the launch of
its first symmetric multiprocessor computers in 1984, Sequent has installed
more than 5,000 large scale systems world-wide.

We are currently seeking candidates for the following openings in our Chicago
Job Title:      Solutions Architect

Description:    Solutions Architects are responsible for designing and
                developing total systems solutions to the enterprise-wide
                systems problems of customers.  These solutions deal with major
                business process used to manage the overall enterprise.  The
                task requires integrating hardware, software, and the customer.  
                Solutions Architects participate with the customer in the
                strategic design process and translate business needs into
                technical systems solutions.  They are responsible for the
                technical correctness and completeness of integrated systems

                We are seeking a recognized authority in open systems
                technology who can transfer their specialized knowledge to
                other functional organizations.   This person will assume a
                lead role in our Professional Services organization, working
                with lower level solutions engineers, in the design of the
                largest, the most complex, and the most demanding systems
Job Title:      Project Manager

Description:    Project Managers are responsible for ensuring that customer
                needs are satisfied through providing specific deliverables.
                These individuals are responsible for the overall project
                plan, budget, structure, schedule, and staffing requirements.
                The major emphasis is on management and coordination tasks.

                Project Managers are required to manage efforts of company,
                customer and third party vendors as well as assure that an
                integrated software and hardware solution is provided to meet
                the customer's need. In addition, knowledge of, and capability
                of working with, current technologies (e.g. Client/Server, DSS,
                workflow) is a necessary component of this job.
Job Title:      Software Systems Specialists (2)

Description:    Software Systems Specialists provide software services to
                implement total systems solutions to enterprise-wide problems
                of customers. These solutions deal with the major business
                processes used to manage the overall enterprise. Software
                specialists write code, debug and document.

                We are seeking 2 Software Systems Specialists:

                1)      RDBMS & Client/Server development experience in an
                        Open Systems environment; skills in:
                        - RDBMS (Oracle, Sybase and/or Informix) design,
                          development and administration, tuning
                        - RDBMS tools
                        - UNIX proficiency
                        - Experience with rapid development toolsets, GUIs,
                        - Excellent Communications skills - written and *

                2)      UNIX System Administrator and application development
                        experience; skills in:
                        - Shell programming
                        - Performance monitoring/tuning
                        - Systems management
                        - Connectivity proficiency
                        - Excellent Communications skills - written and *

Interested candidates should send their resumes to:

        Charles Lei
        Business Solutions Manager
        Sequent Professional Services
        6250 River Road Suite 7050
        Rosemont, IL 60018

        FAX (708) 318-7353


1. Position Available: Senior Research Position in Information Systems Department

The Applied Research Laboratory of the Pennsylvania State University is
seeking outstanding applicants for a senior research faculty position in
the Information Systems Department for providing leadership and
strategic direction for advancing ongoing research for distributed and
embedded training applications.  Candidates with established research
credentials, seeking potential for growth into Research Center Director
positions are invited to apply.  The laboratory is an established Center
of Excellence for Navy Research, currently supporting over 600 full time
equivalent researchers.

Research in the department is focused on advanced engineering
applications for Remote Equipment Diagnostics, Distributed Intelligent
Control for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles, Simulation based design, Defense
Enterprise Integration, Distributed Interactive Simulation and
Instructional Systems Design for Command and Control, Advanced Planning,
and manufacturing applications.  The National Information Infrastructure
Testbed, being established under DARPA funding, provides the
infrastructure for this research.

A technical background in communications, high performance networking
and/or distributed artificial intelligence is desired.  A completed
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related fields is
necessary. Also specialized backgrounds in emerging information
technologies for large scale systems design and enterprise integration
are desirable.

To apply please send a copy of your resume and references to
        Dr. Shashi Phoha
        Head, Information Systems Department
        The Applied Research Laboratory
        Penn State University
        P.O. Box 30
        State College, PA  16804
or fax or email a copy to
        Sandy Hinish
        Information Systems Department
        The Applied Research Laboratory
        Penn State University
        voice: (814) 863-1131
        fax: (814) 865-7097


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