load table from file with field header? (sql anywhere 5.5, WinNT)

load table from file with field header? (sql anywhere 5.5, WinNT)

Post by Klint Go » Wed, 01 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hi All,

I want to use a load table statement on a text file that contains the field
names as the first line of the file.  Is there any way of skipping this line or
do I have to preprocess the file to remove the header?




1. SQL anywhere 5.5 Autoincrement field resetting

Can anyone tell me how to reset/adjust the autoincrement counter in a
field with the autoincrement property? I've waded through all the system
tables etc. but can't find any clues in there. For example, if I try to
insert 10 records into a table, and the insert fails due to unique key
violation (or some other reason), the autoincrementing field at the next
successful insert will take on a value of plus 10 the last time a record
was added, thus 'wasting' 10. Similarly if all the records are deleted,
the counter does not reset. Dropping and recreating the table seems a
bit drastic.
Thanks for any help
Dave Townson.

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