SQLserver 4.21 and SQL Server Tools connection problem

SQLserver 4.21 and SQL Server Tools connection problem

Post by Joe Biancala » Thu, 31 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi folks,

Running SQLServer 4.21 on an NT 3.5 Server and connecting fine via
TCP/IP or Named Pipes from an NT 3.5 Workstation running SQL Server
Tools 4.21.  However, when attempting to connect from an MS-Win 3.1
client running same tools (the 16 bit version for Win 3.1) TCP/IP
connections give instant timeout even when you boost the timeout in
ISQL/w to 60 seconds or so( Eroor Message 10004).. Named Pipes and/or
IPX/SPX try to connect and after 20-30 seconds give the error Message
10024--'Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or does not
exist....'  Oddly enough using the same connection settings (except
for use of the nt .dlls) I connect and use the server quite happily
from my nt client...  any suggestions... Anyone no what these error
msgs. mean????  any help appreciated...


Not JUST a raging hormone...


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I'm looking at using two different grid tools in unbound virtual mode
with SQL cursors. My databases are generally fairly large (well over
100,000 rows, usually), and I'm wondering if anyone can share
war/success/horror stories on using either Sheridan's Datagrid or
Farpoint's Spread20 controls in conjunction with VBSQL.

At this stage, I may be leaning toward the Sheridan control, since its
RowLoaded event seems to make the most sense, but it still seems a bit
quirky. The Farpoint control seems a lot more flexible, but I find the
documentation pretty obtuse, especially regarding the QueryData function
and some of its parameters.....

By the way, I'm using MS SQL Server NT version 4.21a, Visual Basic 3.0
Pro, WFW 3.11, and DOS 6.2 on a Compaq 566 XL Pentium with 32 megs of RAM
and 1.5 gigs of SCSI drive. And Doom 2.0 for stress relief!  *grin*

Anyway, I'm looking for feedback on these tools with SQL cursors. Any
info anyone can share with me would be greatly appreciated!



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