RPC's: v4.9.2 to SYSTEM 10

RPC's: v4.9.2 to SYSTEM 10

Post by Alan Berks » Tue, 08 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking for anyone who has successfully implemented Sybase RPC's from
a v4.9.2 server to a System 10 server in a production environment. Sybase
says it shouldn't cause any problems, but...

Please reply to:

Alan Berkson
UN/IMIS Project


1. System 10 on OSF1 V4.0D?

Dear all,

In my company they want to upgrade the operating system
on one DEC Alpha unix server from OSF1 V3.2 to V4.0D.
Currently we run on it a Sybase System 10.

Has anyone some experience using system 10 on this
version of the os? Does it work? Will I need to install
some patches?

Thank you for your reply in advance:

Istvan Katsanyi

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