Data/Log devices on new Sun fast wide SCSI MultiPack don't work

Data/Log devices on new Sun fast wide SCSI MultiPack don't work

Post by Jan us » Mon, 26 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hello world,

Is this problem already known to the world? I tried to set up SQL Server on a SparcStation 20 running Solaris 2.4 equipped with the new
fast wide SCSI Swift Controller and a new Sparcstorage MultiPack with
7200 rpm disks. I created all the data and log devices on raw partitions
and immediately started receiving error messages (was it error 824?, in
any case something indicating a disk problem, at least according to
Sybase manuals). When I created everything using Unix files (on the
same disks!) there was no trouble at all. Are there any Sybase or Solaris
patches available to fix this - yes, I already asked Sybase and they don't
know, at least in Germany. It isn't very urgent since this is a development
environment I'm talking about so there is no demand for production
standards, but still I'd like to know.
Any hints will be greatly appreciated. Please answer via email.


Jan Zamojski | Ackerstr. 10 | 41065 Moenchengladbach | Germany


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Hello Net!

Have anyone benchmarked SUN's SPARCstorage array vs. directly
attached FAST+WIDE SCSI-disks for a medium (4-8GB) Sybase 10 database?

I belive the disks delivered inside the storage array is "el-cheapo"
and you could easily buy 2-3 times faster fast/wide scsi and place
on two Sbus F/W-SCSI-controllers for less price than the SSarray.

Hw is SS/20 or SS/1000 with 2-4 processors. Op-system Solaris 2.4

Have anyone actually tried SparcStoragearray as database disk at all?

Will summarize if I get any answers.


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