DBBackup on NetWare 4.11

DBBackup on NetWare 4.11

Post by Shin, Ho-Yu » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

   Hi all,

   I have a serious problem.
   The Operating System(OS) of our DB Server machine is NetWare 4.11.
   And the OS of our DB client machine is Windows 98.
   I use a SQL AnyWhere 5.0.01 DBMS on these systems.
   These systems works well except doing DBBackup.
   When ever I execute the DBBackup.EXE on client,
   I met a "Database not connected" message.
   It progressed to about 35% and show me the above message.
   Next line is our DBBackup command.

       dbbackup -c "uid=DBA;pwd=xxx"  -x  -y c:\backup\database

   In the same environments except that the OS of server machine is
   Windows NT or Windows 98, DBBackup works very well.

   What is the problem on my systems?

   If you have any idea, comments or information,
   please let me know.


   Ho-Yun Shin


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