osf1 syb 10.02 (o/s error - bad file number)

osf1 syb 10.02 (o/s error - bad file number)

Post by Mark Gaylo » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00


We have a DEC UNIX (OSF1) 2100 running Sybase 10.02. A programmer
recently tried to sign on to two databases (two dbprocs). The first
dbproc returned okay while the second failed with:      

        operating system error: bad file number
        unable to close interfaces file

Has anyone experienced this before. We are using DBLIB. Only one call
to dbinit is being made at the begining of the program. the standard        
DBSET..calls are being made, the login pointer obtained is used in the  
call to dbopen(). It is the dbopen() call which causes the error.

Any ideas?


Mark Gaylord