Advantages of db/ctlib over esql?

Advantages of db/ctlib over esql?

Post by Greg Balfa » Tue, 09 May 1995 04:00:00

What advantages does db/ctlib have over esql?

I'd like to stick w/standards.

Sybase sales crew couldn't offer any viable

There must be somthing?




1. Security w/ ESQL/DBLib/CTLib


        Does anyone know of any security or encryption available with
ESQL?  I'm running version 10.0.3 against a SQLServer 11.  I've heard
that CTLib 11.x may have some security built in and I'd like to find
out more.  Also, if CTLib 11.x has security, is there a version 11.x
of ESQL to go along with it?

        Any pointers would be appreciated.

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