Classroom Training Materials

Classroom Training Materials

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Sound Software Services has Sybase course material available for licensing. This is an introductory
course in Sybase SQL Server System 10 Concepts and Implementation.
It is intended to be used in a formal classroom environment.

The materials include:

Complete student workbook with index
Lab exercises and solutions
Complete instructor notes
Soft copy of overheads for display
  (Display software provided)
Instructor Supplement

This course was developed by a former Sybase Instructor, who now contracts to Sybase to
train the new Technical Support analysts. The course has been taught around the world.

Licensing can be arranged on a per student or per week (unlimited students) basis.

For more information, including complete course description, pricing and

include a post office mailing address.

Kalen Delaney
Sound Software Services


1. where do you find ORACLE PL/SQL classroom training


I can only find "online" classes at the Oracle site, and Im looking
for a "classroom" setting.

I've been scouring the Oracle site and can only find "public classes"
offered by other vendors (ie. Computer Education Services Corporation,
ThinkSpark, CGI, Knowledge Development Centers, etc.)

I've mainly focused on these two courses:
ORA24TCC Develop PL/SQL Program Units
ORA40008 Advanced PL/SQL

I'm about to give up and just pick up a book or two.

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance,
R. Saffy

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