HP Model 10/20 Array Performance

HP Model 10/20 Array Performance

Post by John Plumme » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00


Does anyone have any experience of performance issues running model 10
or 20 disk arrays with/without cache in Raid 5 mode?

Also, modifications to stipedepth configuration, particulary in a Sybase



1. Performance Problem w/ Sybase on HP-UX Disk Array Model 20

We have installed a HP model 20 disk array on a HP9000-T500 running hp-ux 9.04.
We have tried multiple configurations such as raid 0, raid 1/0 and raid 5 and
for all of the configurations Sybase10.02 is 100% slower when doing a "dbcc
checkdb" versus the non-raid fast and wides.  On the other hand the bcp's with
all the possible configurations take the same amount of time.  The only time
that we managed to increase the performance of the dbcc is when we created a
file system on the array. Though this seems to be the only option, it is not a
solution since we can not have a database on a file system.

My understanding is that this particular disk array is fairly new and "should"
function a lot better with hp-ux 10, but meanwhile I would appreciate to hear if
anyone has had a similar problem and if there is a resolution to it..

Thanx in advance

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