Return type mismatch when using MFC ODBC class with decimal type

Return type mismatch when using MFC ODBC class with decimal type

Post by Gavin Cha » Fri, 22 Mar 1996 04:00:00


     I have an application that uses MS MFC ODBC class to query the
sybase 11.0 database.  When ever I use RFX_xxx to receive the data from
sybase, it gives me return type mismatch.  I even tried use the
convert(varchar(10),DECIMAL_COLUME_NAME) as a return and RFX_Text to
receive it but it doesn't work.  Does anybody encountered this problem
and know of a solution or work-around for it?  Any hints, pointers will
be appreciated.

Gavin Chan


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Okay, I'm having a really basic problem that I just can't believe could
actually a bug.  My source table has two decimal columns both defined
Precision=7, Scale=2 and my target table has one decimal column also with
Precision=7, Scale=2.  The following line fails on a "Type Mismatch" error
during a simple ActiveX transformation using VBScript:

     DTSDestination("Total_Amount") = DTSSource("Amount_1") +

I'm simply adding two decimal fields -- this is not a complex operation
here.  I even changed the target to Precision=9, Scale=2 to acommodate a
larger decimal, but it didn't help.

I'm running SQL Server 2000 with SP2.  Any ideas?  Thanks very much.


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