Free DA/DBA Newsletter

Free DA/DBA Newsletter

Post by Robert S. Seine » Tue, 13 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Re: The Data Administration Newsletter (

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Data Administration Newsletter ( is a publication that focuses
on the management data as a valued corporate or organizational asset.  The
newsletter is free to all readers and the publisher asks that you register
your name and email address to receive future TDAN announcements.  The
reader list is NOT sold to other parties therefore no unsolicited email will
be received as a result of registering.  On-line registration can be found

It has been a month since the 2nd anniversary issue of The Data
Administration Newsletter ( was posted to the internet.  If you
have not visited the latest issue (or only visited TDAN 9.0 briefly back in
June), I again welcome you to take a look at some new and very interesting
articles on knowledge management, XML, warehouse project management, the
direction of metadata management, ... and much more.

The newsletter has been updated significantly since the anniversary issue
was announced on June 1.  You may also be interested in:

-- Six new job classified ads for Data Warehouse Leaders, Data Architects,
Account Executives, Enterprise Modelers and more.
-- A new book review of an extremely useful book called The Data Model
Resource Book.
-- A Call for Papers for the DAMA Symposium 2000 to be held in Washington,
-- July's monthly perspective column written by a Headhunter -- not an
Executive Recruiter.

The Data Administration Newsletter continues to be the best and easiest
place to identify and locate data-related products, services, and vendors.
The TDAN Vendor/Product list (supplied by Sid Adelman, Sherman Oaks, CA USA)
is arguably the best resource on the 'net to find products and services --
broken down by category -- that cover a large percentage of the data and
database administration industries.  Recognize that the effort behind
keeping this list current is similar to hitting a fast moving target.
Please send updates and corrections to Sid Adelman in order to help keep
this resource as up-to-date as possible.  The Vendor/Product list appears on

Stay tuned for new additions in the works for TDAN.  A TDAN Poll with posted
results will be introduced in the near future.  And TDAN will team up with
some of the most recognizable names and associations in the industry to
build on the quality and timeliness of the content provided to its readers.

As always, I am accepting short columns (750-1000 words) that can be added
to the monthly perspective section.  This section has received extremely
positive feedback and can be considered light and typically non-technical
reading.  I invite you to participate in this forum as Railton Cabbell (a
headhunter) did in the July column.  Full articles are also being accepted
for future issues.  The deadlines to note are August 1 for the September 1
issue and November 1 for the December 1 issue.

The end of the year should be an interesting time for everybody in a
data-related profession and I look forward to celebrating the new millennium
with you.

Thank you very much for your interest in TDAN.

Best Regards.
Bob Seiner

Publisher - The Data Administration Newsletter (
Senior Consultant - CIBER Custom Solutions Group (