Locked Tables

Locked Tables

Post by Octavius Gome » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hello to everyone!

This is the scenario.  A client executes a stored procedure from
Powerbuilder, then gets a ct-lib error and is disconnected.  Looking in
Sybase, the process is gone in that in sysprocesses, the spid is no
longer there.  I can do an sp_who and verify that.  However, if I do an
sp_lock, the table locks are still there for that particular spid.  Has
anyone encountered a scenario like this?  And if so, how do you release
those locks besides bouncing the server?  If I do a kill command for
that spid, nothing happens since its not in sysprocesses.  I'm using
Sybase 11.02 on HP-UX 10.2.

Thanks in advance.

Octavius Gomez


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KenParis schrieb:

   For my opinion, LOCK table will not be supported by SQL Server. For
locking a table in exclusive mode use a select count(*) for this table
with optimizer hint (EXCLUSIVE LOCK).

Kay Erkmann

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