problem tracking app needed

problem tracking app needed

Post by ELIZABETH JONES PERLM » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 16:32:39

I need to survey and then recommend a problem/bug tracking package for use
by a small thriving company which may track roughly 100-200 new "problems"
per day. I presume this is fairly common and perhaps someone has already
surveyed the options?
I ideally would like both the Sybase backend as well as a front-end GUI
or vt100 interface. It is necessary for the "package" to be customized, so
"home-brews" are welcome if they are successfully being used in a production
environment. Thank you in advance for your recommendations or code.

Seth Perlman, Unix/Sybase Consultant
6000 Rusk Avenue
Baltimore, Md. 21209-4105


1. Need help with data model - problem tracking product from many warehouse shelves

I have a problem modelling a database in Access 97.
I am trying to track a customer order.  
The order history must keep
- the order header
- the details of the order (each product ordered)
- the warehouse location (shelf) of the product at the time of the order

For now, I am pulling the information from the warehouse and storing the
order warehouse_location in the order_detail_warehouse_location table.
I am having trouble when the user wants to change the order - i.e.
the quanity ordered.  On the form I want to see the quantity available -
which is stored in the warehouse_location table.

warehouse_location - The shelves where products are stored.  Products
                     be stored on many shelves.  Products are nto always
                     stored on the same shelves.  The warehouse_location
                     data is updated daily from another source.  
product - the product data
order_header - the basic info about an order (customer, order# etc)
order-detail - each product on an order
order_detail_warehouse_location - where the warehouse location for the
                                  product is stored for historical

My question is: Can I redesign the model to better track the warehouse
shelf location of order details?

The model:




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