Sybase's WebSQL Plans ???

Sybase's WebSQL Plans ???

Post by Lucas Hua » Wed, 22 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Help ....

We currently use web.sql, does anyone Sybase's future support plans for
web.sql - I've been told that we should migrate up to PowerDynamo, but I'm not
sure what PowerDynamo will buy us.  We already have a successful product built
around web.sql ... has anyone done this before ???

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




1. Websql for Sybase SQL server .

hi there ,

has anybody installed Websql (cgi version for HP 9000/800 ,Sybase SQL
server )  successfully ?
i have problems with the interfaces file ( error msg : inappriorate
interfaces file format )

i would be thankfull for any tips or infos .

please e-mail me directly since i dont read the newsgroups regulary .

thanx in advance .

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