Questions about Open Client 10.0.2 on OS/2 boxes

Questions about Open Client 10.0.2 on OS/2 boxes

Post by Patrick R. Sklen » Sun, 02 Apr 1995 04:00:00

   I have, what i hope, are two relatively simple questions/problems.
First, these situations occured after deleting the 4.9.2 client s/w and
installing the System 10.0.2 client s/w fresh.  The clients are OS/2 2.x
and 3.x (Warp) systems with netbios and tcp/ip running over token-ring.

1. The client ISQL doesn't appear to work any more.  I receive the following
   error message upon failure:

      Operating System Error:
               There is no OS layer error
      DB-LIBRARY Error:
               Specified server name attribute could not be found.

   Note, the server names (and access methods- IP vs. NP) are defined in
   both the OS2.INI (via the 4.9.x WRITEINI.EXE utility) and also in the
   SQL.INI (via the 10.0.2 SQLEDIT utility).

2. As I implied above, we've used the 10.0.2 SYBEDIT tool to add our
   servers to the SQL.INI.  As part of that, we indicate whether they are
   to be accessed via IP (in which case we provide IP address and Port #)
   or via Named Pipes (in which case we provide machine names).  However
   I am finding that even though my applications can get to the IP databases
   just fine, SYBPING does't seem too.  I get an error message saying that
   it couldn't "resolve the host name - error is 0."

   Can anyone shed some light on either, or both, of these situations for
me?  Please? :)

   thanks,                  ________________________________________
   pat----                 | Coventry, CT  USA  06238


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