investigating spinlock contention using HS

investigating spinlock contention using HS

Post by Ashi » Fri, 08 Mar 2002 09:50:42

We had perf probs on a server(ASE 11.5.1, solaris 2.6).
So, we added another CPU and some RAM.

Now, I want to measure the spinlock contention.
I am collecting stats using Historical Server.
The manual says that there is one data item - "cache spinlock contention".

using sp_sysmon,  we can find spinlock contention for
. object
. index
. hash
. cache

Is it possible to see all of these from the Historical Server ?



1. Spinlock Contention

I have a named cache bound to tempdb. The tempdb size is
3.5GB and the named cache size is 650MB. I have 2K, 4K, and
16K buffer pools in my named cache.

When I ran sp_sysmon, I was really alarmed by the spin lock
contention on this named cache. The spin lock contention was 602%
and the utilization was 11%.

Can someone please explain what this number (spinlock contention 602%) is
and whether I should be worried about the effectiveness using named cache
for tempdb

Your response is highly appreciated.


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