A gotcha in upgrade program for 10.0.2

A gotcha in upgrade program for 10.0.2

Post by Susan Co » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 07:39:49

I just thought I would pass this along and maybe do somebody some good ...

I just got stuck for a couple of hours trying to upgrade our SQL server from
10.0.1 to 10.0.2.  There is a point early in the upgrade sequence where you
are asked to "Enter the name of a SQL server user account that has SA
privileges".  We had disabled the "sa" account itself so I entered the name
of an individual account that has sa role.  And got a message that the
pre-upgrade test had failed.  A look at the logs showed the failure was
"DB-Library: Login incorrect".

Thus began a long sequence of trying the account on the running 10.0.1
server, re-checking its role (yes, it had sa), re-entering it repeatedly
more-and-more-carefully to the upgrade script, while waiting for Sybase
support to call me back.  I found that if the account/password I entered was
truly incorrect, I got the "login incorrect" error in the window where the
screen was running.  When it was actually correct, I just got the "failed the
test" message and the error itself only appeared in the log file.

Anyway, at long last I got a callback from Sybase and the answer is:  You
must use the "sa" account; no other account with sa role will work.  A bug in
the install script.  Beware!


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