Sybase and Multi Threading

Sybase and Multi Threading

Post by Mike Mc Elligot » Thu, 25 Sep 1997 04:00:00

        Does anybody know if ct-library is thread safe? I need to write a
program (C++) which will run any number of queries on the database at a
specific time and have the results of each query stored in seperate
files. I was planning on using a multi threaded program where each
thread connects to the database on a seperate connection, executes one
of the queries and writes out the results. It seems at this stage
however that the ct-library may not be reentrant but I cannot find a
specific reference in the documentation. Assuming it is not, does anyone
have any suggestions on another approach?
        It is important that all the queries run at the specified time. If I
run them all sequentially, then it could be some time later when the
last query is actually run. I could fork() a process to handle each
query but then I could end up filling the process table.
        I am working on Solaris 2.5 with Sybase 10.
Anybody? Anywhere?? Anything???


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