asynchronous dblib calls

asynchronous dblib calls

Post by Thomas R. Kimpt » Wed, 14 Oct 1992 09:38:15

Is there anyone out there using DBLib from Macintosh's?

In order to speed up an application I have, to deal with
real-time input, I need to be able to do asynchronous
calls to the database.  I've looked through the manuals
but have only found VMS calls.  Does anyone know of a
way to get the Mac calls to run asynchronously?

Thanks, Tom.


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1. Asynchronous call to xp_sendmail

I have an insert(& update) trigger which sends a user an email (xp_sendmail)
when certain conditions are met. Due to this there is a slight delay in the
client application whenever these conditions are true (ie the trigger does
not return until xp_sendmail has finished).

Is it possible to execute xp_sendmail (or a block of TSQL code)
asynchronously (ie make the trigger return without waiting for xp_sendmail
to return).

Currently we are using SQL ver 6.5 but would also welcome any comments on
ver 7 about this issue.


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