Sorting a View or "bcp out" file.

Sorting a View or "bcp out" file.

Post by Jeff Zeldin » Fri, 04 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I've got a view with a half-million rows in it.  The view is a result of
a table join between two tables, each of a half-million rows.

We are using this to generate a pipe-delimited flatfile, by using bcp to
generate the file.   Speed of generation is of the essence, as this is a
time critical batch process.

I need to do two things:

1. Apply a "where" type clause to the bcp to selectively generate
multiple files from the data
2. sort the data in the output file, using bcp (unless there's a better

I've already tried to apply a sort to the view, but Sybase doesn't let
you do that.    And I have no idea how to apply where clauses or sorting
to a bcp out.

Any help would be appreciated.




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The instance of sqlserver is on my D: drive and the database is on my
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d:\MSSQL$MYINSTANCE>bcp g:\mydata\MyDB..MyTable in a:\Mytextfile.txt
-n -t"," -m50 -hTABLOCK -T

I'm getting "Cannot open database requested in login 'g:\mydata\MyDB'.
Login fails.

I've tried using "-SMyServer/MSSQL$MYINSTANCE" with this but come up
with "Server cannot be found.

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Thanks in advance.

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