ASE 11.9.2 Device Size Limit?

ASE 11.9.2 Device Size Limit?

Post by Trung Nguye » Sat, 24 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Can I create a device on a 4.0G raw partition?



ASE 11.9.2 Device Size Limit?

Post by Bret Halfor » Sat, 24 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> Can I create a device on a 4.0G raw partition?

See DocId 800 at for limits
by platform and version.

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1. Problem Raw Device Utilisation by ASE 11.9.2

hi everybody,

I've a big problem and I don't know what else  I can do to solve it.

I'm working with Sybase 11.9.2 and Linux Red Hat  7.2

I want to create the raw devices for my databases.

I've done:
    1.    creation logical block partition with "fdisk" (/dev/sdb6) with the
id=60 (Unknown)

    2.    bind of block partition (/dev/sdb6) to an existing character
partition (raw device) (/dev/raw/raw1 =>major: 162 , minor: 1) with the
            (I've also tried with a non-existing character partition with
(mknod --mode=660 /dev/raw1 c 162 1) and I have the same problems)

    3.    so: raw -qa => /dev/raw/raw1:  bound to major 8, minor 2
(corresponds to /dev/sdb6)

    4.    chown sybase.sybase /dev/raw/raw1   /dev/sdb6   /dev/rawctl

    5.    chmod 660 /dev/raw/raw1   /dev/sdb6   /dev/rawctl

Now, in the ASE 11.9.2  installation: on the graphical interface provided by
    master device path:  /dev/raw/raw1 => It tells me "Unable to access to

    if I go: master device path : /dev/sdb6 It's OK for him but I'd like to
get to the partition in character mode (/dev/raw/raw1) and not in block mode

Any help would be very very highly appreciated.
juan martinez

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