SyBooks Release 11.0.2 doesn't install on Solaris 2.5

SyBooks Release 11.0.2 doesn't install on Solaris 2.5

Post by Peter A. Lyn » Wed, 20 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I received an update to SyBooks with my SQL Server V11.0.2
distribution.  The procedure does not work under Solaris
2.5.  I enclose fixes.

    Please note that my news server only has a few days worth of
messages; ignore this if it is old hat.

    Running the script from SyBooks Release 11.0.2 fails
with the message test: argument expected

    Copy from the CD to a local directory.  On or about
line 665 there is a test (inside a case) like this:
    This must be changed to match the other such tests - put $QUICKSCAN
in quotes as follows:
 test -z "$QUICKSCAN"

    If you run it now, it says that it is Computing sizes for the
something collection.  Then comes a string of messages like
 syntax error on line 1, teletype

    This is from the script failing.  Which version of is running depends on your system.  Go back to
and look at line 596, which is
Put in a line to this and run the script to see what it comes out
to be; it should be something like

    Now take a copy of that file.  Go to line 14 and add "SunOS" to
the list of strings that it tests for, since it will have to use
"ls -l" instead of "ls".

    Now go back to and modify line 596 to point to your
newly-modified version of  Run everything again.  It should

    But notice that it spends a long time figuring out how big some
book collections are on the CD.  Hey, it's a CD.  It doesn't change.
I think that Sybase should have collected this info and stored it in a
file on the CD to save a lot of running time.  But for the most part I
Sybase, so don't take this as a condemnation.

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SyBooks Release 11.0.2 doesn't install on Solaris 2.5

Post by cengl96.. » Mon, 25 Nov 1996 04:00:00

This behavior happens on several other platforms as well.  I also noted
that it only seems to do this, when there is a previous version  of
SyBooks on the server.  A quick work around is to remove the old version,
and run through the install.   Or if you have room, you could install it
in another location.  Just make sure that you're environment is defined
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