Good On-Line Resources to start Learning SQL

Good On-Line Resources to start Learning SQL

Post by Bob Carve » Tue, 14 May 1996 04:00:00

Anyone have any good on-line resources for learning SQL?  Please e-mail
me if possible.  Thanks for your time.

Bob Carver
University of Texas at Arlington


1. Good online learning resource for SQL Serv 2000


As a longtime net user, and infrequent group poster, I just wanted to
toss out a general question.

We're utilizing SQL Server 2000 at work now for an application.  I've
used things like Paradox, Lotus Approach and Access, but not an SQL

Is there a good online resource to use to "learn" about SQL server,
especially the admin part of it.

Note: I'm more comfortable with encompassing lessons or tips and
tricks pages than I am with things like the bland MSFT Documentation.
And I've already gone through the Books online portion.  Not much help
for getting a firm grip on the how to apply the application, but good
for syntax...

Thanks for any light you care to shed.

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