ASE 12 / DTM / CICS ---> detached threads

ASE 12 / DTM / CICS ---> detached threads

Post by Malcolm Steven » Wed, 04 Apr 2001 04:44:57


Do any of you know what could cause detached threads in an ASE 12 / CICS /
DTM environment? Everything is running on one physical server (everything
being CICS, the CICS application servers, ASE 12 with DTM, all on AIX). The
DTM documentation hints that this would happen if the comms link when down
between CICS and ASE, yet with everything on one server I would not expect
that. CICS has not abended, nor have the app servers. Any ideas?

Kind regards
Malcolm Stevens


1. ASE 11.5 vs ASE 12 : exclusive locks at page / table

We are in the process of upgrading from ASE 11.5 to ASE 12.0

In ASE 11.5,
Our developers use the following to get a table level exclusive lock :

  begin tran
  update T1 set C1 = xxx where 1 = 3

This grants a table level exclusive lock.

In ASE 12.0,
The same stuff grants a level exclusive lock on a page and a Exclusive
Intent lock on the table.
So, the developers are planning to start using the lock table command.

I do not know the exact details regarding their programming ... why
they are doing this,  what isolation level they need etc. etc.

But I am surprised at the behaviour of ASE 12.

I created a test table T1 with one column C1.
There were no indexes.
I inserted one row in the table with C1 = 1.
The table had Allpages locking scheme.
When I gave the following :

  begin tran
  update T1 set C1 = 2 where C1 = 1 /* this results in 1 row updated

I got a page level exclusive lock and a table level exclusive intent
The Performance and Tuning Manual says on page 26-8 (bottom of page) :

"If no index exists on any of the search arguments, Adaptive Server
must acquire a table-level lock."

Either the manual is incorrect or I am missing something.
Please help.

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