Remote Database Access (ISO RDA)

Remote Database Access (ISO RDA)

Post by Toufiq Outb » Wed, 31 Mar 1993 03:20:15

    Hi everybody

      I am new to this group.

      I am implementing an API using RDA standard on a sybase database.

      I am facing some problems in passing the right parameters as defined in the
standard mentioned above.

      If somebody did the same thing, please let me know.

      Any hints and pointers are greatly appreciated.

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Toufiq Outbih

Thanks a lot.  


1. What's status of ISO's RDA (remote database access)

Hi Folks,

Can someone please tell me what the status is for
ISO's work on Remote Database Access?  Last I heard,
it was still in draft proposal.  Any dates on when
it might become an International Standard (IS)?
Also, has ISO assigned permanent identifiers for the
RDA documents yet?

By the way, has CCITT enveloped this work?  If so,
what's the CCITT identifiers for their equivalent

Appreciate any info!


David Richard
Ericsson Network Systems, MS L03  | Phone: 214-997-0923

Richardson, TX 75083-3875         | Who's Joe Frank?

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